9 need to know video marketing statistics

Written by Fiona Thomas
Originally posted on Tuesday 9th January 2018

Are you still on the fence about committing to a video marketing strategy for your business?

Maybe you’ve experimented a little with Facebook Live or Vlogging but you’re still not convinced that you really need to take it all that seriously.

Well we’ve got a few interesting statistics that might convince you otherwise and give you some ideas about how create your own video content online.

1.Videos on Twitter are retweeted on average six times more than photo posts

If you’re looking to start conversations around your brand then Twitter is generally the best form of social media to use.

Take it to the next level by introducing short videos to your feed (the more fun the better) and watch engagement soar.

2. It’s predicted that globally 75% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2020

That’s just two years away, so it gives you an idea of how quickly video as a form of communication is taking over.

Do you have video content which is easily viewed on mobile devices?

3. Globally from 2015-2016, online video spending increased from $12-23 billion

Videos are great for effectively building brand awareness in a way that written text doesn’t.

Not only that but it makes your brand more authoritative and trustworthy, in fact, 73% of customers are more likely to buy after watching a product video

4. Personalised videos can increase email conversions by 500%

Looking to make more sales?

Put a friendly personality at the front of your videos, in the form of a professional actor or your CEO.

Alternatively, opt for a short testimonial video featuring comments from your happy customers.

5. 70% of YouTube views come from mobile

This means a lot of people will be watching your video on the go, so consider making your content short and easy to follow.

You may also want to make it subtitled or with lots of visual cues in case they’re listening in a noisy environment.

6. Online video viewing peaks between 12-5pm

Instead of sharing your best stuff at 9am when you get into the office, schedule your masterpiece to appear in your customer’s feed during optimal viewing hours.

video statistics

You should see more likes and shares this way.

Also, don’t be afraid to share your stuff more than once. Be proud of what you do!

7. For e-Commerce ideal length of product video is less than 30 seconds

It might sound easier to make a short clip than an entire video, but it’s surprisingly tricky to get right.

We can make your video slick, speedy and informative, just call us for a chat!

8. 42% of retailers use video in their emails

If you’ve got a substantial amount of people on your email list then consider including a short video in your next newsletter.

Facebook live for business

The chances are they’re already a customer – they gave you their email address after all – and will be even more receptive to what you have to offer.

9. 59% of video shares happen on Facebook

Although YouTube is the main hub for video content online, it is somewhat oversaturated so it can be hard to rise to the top if you’re a small business.

It’s still worthwhile having a channel over there, but Facebook will undoubtedly generate more shares for your shiny new video.

Statistics can be found here.

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