On Working with SUSE

Written by Rachel Wilson
Originally posted on Friday 8th September 2017

Today, thousands of businesses worldwide rely on SUSE for their mission-critical computing and IT management needs, so it was no wonder that we were thrilled when they contacted us directly to work with them on their recent training videos.

In preparation for the shoot we contacted our friends over at Broadscope Studios and made sure that they were able to provide us with the bluescreen background that we required.

What’s the difference between bluescreen and greenscreen (except for the obvious, that is) and why did we choose green over blue? Well, the first and most obvious reason is the foreground object. Since the screen colour is the colour that will be removed by the compositing programme, it’s not a good idea to shoot if there’s a chance that your client may be wearing green. SUSE’s company mascot is a chameleon, and although they are well-known for being able to blend into any background their logo unfortunately cannot. Therefore, blue was the only way to go! Check out the video below to see how the studio was transformed in just a few hours:

Once the studio was ready, we made sure that we had the most suitable lighting set-up to make keying in post-production easier to tackle. To do this we used Kino Flow Lighting Systems’ Tegra up top and two 4Banks either side of the backdrop for an incredibly even soft light, with a couple of LEDs on our subject. This combined with a perfectly painted studio space provided us with the perfect environment to film in.

Overall, although working with a blue screen for the first time was definitely a challenge, the set-up worked well and our client was happy with the production process.  Our team will be working on the edit over the next few weeks and we can’t wait to see the results!