The Making Of: “Yeh Zindagi” with Amit Sumal

Written by Rachel Wilson
Originally posted on Friday 28th July 2017

A few months ago our Creative Director, Tim Courtney, was given the opportunity to direct Amit Sumal’s music video for his brand new track “Yeh Zindagi”. Now that the video is live we thought this would be the perfect time to give you all an insight into what went on behind the scenes during the shoot!

Anusha grabs a quick selfie as our team set-up for the next scene!

Deciding on which location to film in was tricky: we had to find somewhere that could set the scene for the romantic Romeo and Juliet-esque encounter whilst looking eye-catching enough to host a lively event. After contacting a variety of venues we settled on one of Glasgow’s best kept secret locations – Arta. Tucked away in the heart of the Merchant City, this bar’s decor is reminiscent of a Mediterranean village – the faux-fruit baskets and the gilded staircase and various trinkets and statues all around give Arta a strangely grand aura. The atmosphere was exactly what we wanted for our music video, so on the day of the shoot our team, Amit Sumal, our leading lady Anusha Sareen, the band and all of our extras descended upon our chosen venue ready to make some magic.

Our wonderful make-up artist makes sure that our stars look flawless on camera.

Making a music video takes a special type of skill – you need to be able to convey the message of the song whilst making it look visually appealing at the same time. Our director had a clear vision for this video and wanted the connection between Amit and Anusha’s characters to grow and blossom as naturally as possible. Through some gentle coaxing from Tim encouraging them to feel comfortable, the couple were soon laughing together and really getting into their roles.

The happy couple share a quiet moment on set – Arta could almost be mistaken for part Spanish vineyard, part Caligula (the film).

The day of filming went smoothly and (as you can see below) we were able to make a quiet venue look like a jam-packed party. As we follow the couple throughout the narrative up until the final scenes it’s clear that the song uplifts everyone’s spirits and brings people together. With the clever use of a myriad of colours and lighting techniques Tim was able to create a video that not only showcases the opulence of the setting but effectively mimics the up-beat tempo of the track. Check it out below!