Why you need a testimonial video

Written by Fiona Thomas
Originally posted on Tuesday 6th February 2018

When you’re starting to implement a video strategy it can be a little overwhelming.

Many small businesses know that they should be making video content, but they’re not sure why.

We’re always banging on about why consumers love video, but what exactly should you be making?

Well, we think there’s nothing quite as powerful as the humble testimonial video.

Customer testimonials show your client talking about your brand or using your product or services.

They can be used on your website or as part of a bigger video project, and we think every company should have one. Here’s why:

They’re cost effective

The great thing about testimonial videos is that you’ll get bang for your buck.

Other videos are specific to an event or product, but you can make a testimonial which covers a lot if bases, allowing you to utilise it at every opportunity.

It could play in the foyer of your reception, as well as the front page of your website and be sent out as part of a welcome email to potential customers.

They’re authentic

Slick, cinematic videos are alway exciting to watch, but if you want to make your brand relatable then a testimonial has the human touch.

Customers are always eager to hear about real experiences before they spend their money, and 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

No actor required

There’s nothing more annoying than watching a testimonial video which has clearly used an actor to play a happy customer, so always use a real life customer wherever possible.

It’s best to use a customer who has seen real tangible results from using your product or service, as this will stand out to your prospective buyers.

Production Attic Video Testimonial – The Garage Nightclub from Production Attic on Vimeo.

They’re evergreen

When made correctly, your testimonial video can be used for years to come.

Evergreen content is great because it doesn’t go out of date and can be shared online at any time of year, much like the leaves on an evergreen tree which stay green through every season.

This makes for an invaluable sales tool for customers who are looking for reviews on your brand and can help them make confident buying decisions in your favour.

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