Media Training

Prepare your organisation for any media situation.

Production Attic has teamed up with James Cheyne, former Sky News Producer and Channel 7 Australia Producer, to provide media training courses.

James has ten years' experience working with some of the largest TV networks in the world. He began his career juggling live bulletins for Sky News and was most recently Foreign Editor of the Seven Network in Sydney. He's reported and produced on three different continents and covered two presidential elections.

Dealing with the media can involve great risk but offer even greater reward. Right now this industry is undergoing huge and permanent changes. If you understand the rules of the game, there's never been a better time to engage.

Our media training will empower your staff to deal confidently with journalists of all shapes and sizes and give them the tools to successfully shape the story, instead of just reacting to it. The full-day and half-day small group sessions offer an in depth understanding of how the modern media works and how it is changing, then build on that valuable knowledge with practical exercises and scenarios in front of the camera.

"James delivered a media training session which surpassed our expectations. The workshop put staff at ease, gave them an understanding of how the media works, looked at what makes a good story and gave them the practical skills to carry out effective interviews. Our staff team came away from the session with a renewed confidence in their ability to speak to the media and get the organisation's key messages across."

Ross McCulloch
Head of Communications at
Relationships Scotland

A full day, hands on course for up to 6 people will cover

Pitching a story, writing a press release & getting your message on the air.

Understanding the differences between newspapers, TV, Radio and online.

Surviving and thriving in interviews, from doorsteps and down the lines to press conferences and studio grillings.

Crisis management, including how to take control and shape the story.

Social media. How to harness the incredible power of new technology without falling foul of the risks that come with it.

We’ll run real-time, recorded interviews to give you insight into what a live interview will feel like, and help you to hone your skills and understand what you will be dealing with.