Recommend to a friend & if you both commit to a 6 film block you'll each get one film free

No limit so recommend 6 friends and get your whole block free


We come to you with a 1 hour filming slot to capture your message

2 hours edit time to polish your film, including music from our extensive library, and get the file to you ASAP see examples of what your films could look like below

Recommended as this also includes:
  • A free day of graphics production (worth £550) to create an animated title sequence to tie all your films together see an example of this below

  • A round of edit revisions on your first film to ensure your message is spot on

Minimum block of 6 films required

Blocks can be broken down into a duration that suits you, have a new film monthly, fortnightly, weekly or whenever else a VLOG day is available

why should I get a VLOG?

Test the water with a single one off film for only £449

Simply book into a 1 hour filming slot on an existing VLOG day

No minimum contract

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1 simply
book into a
VLOG day

2 you can write a
script or wing it
on the day

3 we can help with

4 our film crew
arrives for your
1 hour slot

5 we edit & add
any logos, images
or clips you have

6 we deliver your
video file to share
wherever you want

We understand that video production can be costly and it can be hard to find the time to book in a full film shoot. We also know the importance of reacting fast with video to keep your clients, suppliers and potential customers up to date with a professional VLOG (Video BLOG) full of company announcements, testimonials and good old fashioned fun.

That's why we've created our VLOG days. We've booked our VLOG filming days aside so that our clients can share in the costs of the day rather than needing to book the full crew and kit cost on their own; resulting in a cost saving of upwards of £1,000 per film!

You can book a one off film or receive a discount when you commit to a 6 video block. There's no fixed format, whatever you want to say in your one hour slot you can. Have you got a promotion running? Maybe you've been nominated for an award? We want to show you that video isn't complicated and our examples below show that keeping things simple is often the most effective approach.

watch some examples

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examples of
what's possible

Piece to Camera

A simple, effective way to address your viewer. We can provide an autocue to ensure you get your message perfect or if you'd prefer you can wing it on the day. Making it up on the spot is not as scary as it sounds as you know your business, you know your audience and we know video, let us fix that mistake in the edit to ensure you come across like a pro. Note how we cut in and out of the shot in these examples to hide any mistakes.

Interviews & Testimonials

Interviews are quick to set up and come across much more naturally than a piece to camera. Rather than scripting you can give us a short list of talking points which we can tease out with an interview. This format is also great for client testimonials.

If you have any ideas that aren't piece to camera or interview based, such as coverage of a demonstration or presentation, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Graphic Title sequence

While simplicity is key for your VLOG, starting your films with a flashy, branded title sequence helps to signal production value to your audience. It will also help tie all your films into a series and we will include your branding (logos, colour scheme etc) to ensure your videos make an impact.

All of the footage we film and any of the graphics we produce are yours too. If you'd like to start on a bigger project once you've finished your VLOG block then we'll be in a great position to start.

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