20th February 2018

So you’ve made video – congrats! You’ve made the leap into making exciting content for you customers, so don’t make the mistake of failing to promote your video effectively. There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to … Continue reading

6th February 2018

When you’re starting to implement a video strategy it can be a little overwhelming. Many small businesses know that they should be making video content, but they’re not sure why. We’re always banging on about why consumers love video, but … Continue reading

23rd January 2018

Thinking about working on your own video project? Awesome! We love creating videos and we’ve made a fair few of them over the years, so we’re here to tell you how to get the best possible end result. There’s a … Continue reading

9th January 2018

Are you still on the fence about committing to a video marketing strategy for your business? Maybe you’ve experimented a little with Facebook Live or Vlogging but you’re still not convinced that you really need to take it all that … Continue reading

29th December 2017

Have you got your 2018 video marketing strategy all figured out? If not, don’t stress! We have you covered with a few simple ideas on how to implement video content as part of your plan for the next 12 months. … Continue reading

11th December 2017

Editor Feature length documentary Full time 1 month – Feb 2018 40 hours per week £8.79 per hour Production Attic require an experienced editor to carry out the final stages of the edit of a feature length documentary on Glasgow … Continue reading

11th December 2017

PLEASE NOTE THIS VACANCY IS NOW CLOSED Edit Assistant Full time 1 month – Jan 2018 30 hours per week £8.79 per hour Production Attic are seeking an assistant to assemble edits in final cut and after effects. This role … Continue reading

11th December 2017

PLEASE NOTE THIS VACANCY IS NOW CLOSED Researcher / Coordinator Feature length documentary Part time 2 months – Jan-Feb 2018 20 hours per week (flexible depending workload each week) £8.79 per hour Production Attic are at the final stages of … Continue reading

camera rental glasgow
11th December 2017

There are tonnes of different ways to introduce video to your marketing strategy. Whether it’s a live stream of your latest event or a testimonial video featuring your happiest customers, there’s always a fun and unique way to build your … Continue reading

Facebook live for business
27th November 2017

Lots of small businesses are looking for a budget friendly way to test out video content with their customers. Before you take the plunge and commit to a larger project, why not try your hand at Facebook live? It sounds … Continue reading

14th November 2017

We love video. We love making videos. But we understand that not everyone needs a professional team to come in and make a tailor-made video for them. Maybe you’re a student looking to experiment with film, or a small business … Continue reading

8th September 2017

Today, thousands of businesses worldwide rely on SUSE for their mission-critical computing and IT management needs, so it was no wonder that we were thrilled when they contacted us directly to work with them on their recent training videos. In preparation … Continue reading

28th August 2017

Of all the things we love most about working in video production, getting to travel to interesting locations is definitely our favourite aspect of the job! Whether it be venturing down south to capture footage within a swanky hotel, or … Continue reading

28th July 2017

A few months ago our Creative Director, Tim Courtney, was given the opportunity to direct Amit Sumal’s music video for his brand new track “Yeh Zindagi”. Now that the video is live we thought this would be the perfect time … Continue reading

28th April 2017

Things have been pretty busy over the past few months at Production Attic! From corporate training tutorials to music videos, our team have been working hard at making the best quality content for our clients. A few months ago we were … Continue reading

24th January 2017

Some of you may have spotted the hilarious new trailer for the Glasgow Short Film Festival, which can be viewed below: Scott Willis – the director of this side-splitting short to promote this year’s festival – is renowned for his … Continue reading

26th December 2016

The past year has been an eventful one for Production Attic due to a number of reasons. We’ve had a few of our staff members leave onto pastures new, additional employees have joined the team, we’ve been working on exciting … Continue reading

14th December 2016

Video is important. Video is a much faster way of delivering your message than reading or the use of images, and with features on Facebook like auto-play and the ability to send video instantly via email you have a much … Continue reading

10th November 2016

Do you need a video to liven up your social media accounts? Is your organisation’s “about us” page looking a bit outdated? Do you want a new way to get your message across to people? Christmas is just around the … Continue reading

19th October 2016

We are looking to hire in the New Year. These vacancies are not live yet. Here at Production Attic we are going from strength to strength, and because of this we will soon be looking for two new staff members to … Continue reading

3rd August 2016

In the last few weeks there have been quite a few changes “behind the scenes” of Production Attic. Firstly one of the best workers ever has unfortunately left us for new horizons and is now an employee with the awesome … Continue reading

Red Epic
24th February 2016

Glasgow based production company Production Attic are currently seeking applicants for the full time position of Video Producer. Hours: 35 hours per week (full time) Location: Central Glasgow Salary: £16k Closing date for entry: 20/03/16 Interview date: 23-25/03/16 The Position: We require a … Continue reading

24th February 2016

Glasgow based production company Production Attic are currently seeking applicants for the full time position of Production Assistant. Hours: 35 a week (full time) Location: Central Glasgow Salary: £16k Closing date for entry: 20/03/16 Interview date: 23-25/03/16 The Position: You will be … Continue reading

12th January 2016

We founded Production Attic to make awesome cinematic films and over the years we’ve collected a lot of great filmmaking equipment which we’d have struggled to have access to otherwise. Including: cameras lenses audio recorders microphones lighting grip kit monitors batteries … Continue reading

7th January 2016

Production Attic are looking to meet with graphic animators. We want to set up supply relationships on a freelance basis for graphic animation, whether on fully animated projects or segments of animation as part of live action projects. About Us … Continue reading

Production Attic Are A Living Wage Employer
2nd November 2015

OK so we have been for some time now but we are proud to say that we are now an accredited employer with The Living Wage Foundation. The living wage is an ethical hourly rate set independently and updated annually, … Continue reading

31st August 2015

Writing a script for a short video sounds like something only professsionals can do, but you should definitely try and give it a bash yourself before asking us for advice. If anything, it will give us a great starting point … Continue reading

31st August 2015

If you’re looking for an effective way to let your customers get to know your brand a little better, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Across the world teenagers, young mums, couples, makeup artists – hell, just about … Continue reading

12th June 2015

Working with smaller businesses on video projects is something that we have done a lot over the past few years, and we like to think we get the best out of every group of people we encounter. This is often … Continue reading

4th June 2015

We are proud of our ex company director and expert video producer. Stephen Paton has flown right out of the nest and into the big bad world of politics! Following on from a successful series of pro independence VLOGs in the run up … Continue reading

1st June 2015

Making a video can be a time consuming project, but the final result should be worth all the time and effort spent on it. So when we see content with great ideas, a strong message and effective images it’s so … Continue reading

28th May 2015

Have you seen our latest film for the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland? To help their campaign to strengthen the law on the fox hunting ban, we produced a film for their presentation to the Scottish Parliament. Using the footage … Continue reading

15th April 2015

Making videos for your business doesn’t have to be a lone venture. If you’ve got the vision, determination and time to put in to a project then you can definitely do it alone. However, working with other brands, industry professionals … Continue reading

14th April 2015

We love making videos. Documentaries, short films, adverts and parodies are what we live for – but what about the humble instructional video? The last time you needed to know how to do something like get a stain out of your … Continue reading

19th March 2015

Finding the right person to be the star of your video might seem easy, but simply picking a good looking actor for the job isn’t necessarily the best way forward. In fact, sourcing someone with the right knowledge, character traits … Continue reading

16th March 2015

Job Title: Production Coordinator Company Name: Production Attic Ltd Hours: 40 hours/week Location: Glasgow Salary: Approx. £18k, subject to experience. Closing date for entry: Tuesday 31st March 2015 now Monday 23rd March due to high volume of applicants Interview Date: Thursday 2nd … Continue reading

19th February 2015

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows the importance of coming up with new ideas on a regular basis. Staying the same means your customers might get bored or move onto the next trendy product without a second thought. … Continue reading

9th February 2015

I had a wonderful thought yesterday whilst listening to a podcast with Joe Rogan and Andreas Antonopoulos. They were speaking about Chirp. Chirp is a service which can encode any piece of data into a 20 tone audio clip which … Continue reading

5th February 2015

Here come our simple tips for making your video look more cinematic, and not a car chase or CGI robot in sight…. Utilise the lighting One of the key signs of an unprofessional video is the bad -or completely absent- … Continue reading

29th January 2015

So ‘parody’ seems to be having a moment in the media. Last year saw the surprising comeback of the comedian, author, producer and musician “Weird Al” Yankovic and his triumph came in the form of a number one album. Even for a … Continue reading

22nd January 2015

Making videos to help with staff training, development or just for communicating new information is a valuable tool for a growing business. Meetings are often tricky to schedule and take up time unnecessarily, whilst emails are often misread or even … Continue reading

14th January 2015

You may not know it, but there are lots of opportunities out there for brands to get together and make video content that can increase your potential to succeed in today’s marketplace. If you’re offered a sponsorship deal you may … Continue reading

15th November 2014

Production Attic are casting for an upcoming short film that will be shot during the week of 8th – 12th of December, although filming is unlikely to last all 5 days and many roles will only be required for one day. … Continue reading

27th October 2014

We are in the business of making videos, so naturally we are obsessed with the art-form and the way that the industry is headed. For most people though, its more integral to daily life than they realise. In fact, consumers … Continue reading

6th October 2014

Here at Production Attic we love video. Whether its comedy, corporate, ads or animation we love to create an impact through the power of visual media. We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and creating content which delivers results to our … Continue reading

2nd October 2014

Taking on a video project for your business can be a daunting task; you might think that you don’t even need one. Looking at the facts might paint a different picture however, with 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter every … Continue reading

23rd September 2014

If you’re confused about what sort of video would suit your business, look no further than our quick guide featuring the best ideas for encouraging sales. Here we take a brief look at a few tried and tested methods, but … Continue reading

10th September 2014

“How long will the shoot take?” “How many cameras will we need?” “How large a crew will there be?”   Getting an idea of how much your video production might cost can be very tricky, especially if you have never … Continue reading

20th August 2014

As Glasgow residents we often struggle to see the beauty in our own hometown, although it is there. (Hint: Look up). Take us to the subtropical forests of New Zealand, the chilling glaciers of Iceland or the streets of New … Continue reading

14th August 2014

Making an impact through visual media is one of the trickiest things to get right, and so many people get it wrong. Here at Production Attic we aim to make your video production process not only easy but effective for … Continue reading

11th August 2014

We are proud to announce our latest video production showreel is now online. This 2015 showreel contains clips from a wide range of clients across many industries. It also contains some shots from our short films and other creative projects. … Continue reading

7th August 2014

Recently we saw the premier of three exciting short films at the Vue Cinema at Glasgow Fort – although you may not recognised the names involved. To celebrate their one year anniversary the cinema asked budding writers from Aultmore Park … Continue reading

5th August 2014

Job Title: Sales Manager Hours: 40 hours/week Salary: Approx. £18k + Commission Closing date for entry: 20/08/14 Commonwealth Graduate Scheme: We are hiring through Glasgow’s Commonwealth Graduate Scheme. To see if you are eligible have a look at the criteria … Continue reading

4th August 2014

Take a look behind the scenes to see how we made the voodoo doll(s) for our short film Black Magic For Young Lovers. The film sees Sam and Edith, on a trip to a remote cottage, joined by a third … Continue reading

16th July 2014

Blackmagic Design have really nailed this one out of the park. The latest firmware (v1.8) for the BMC upgrades it in to an all new level. The most important change for me has been the super improved anti-aliasing moire reduction … Continue reading

19th June 2014

Imagine a world where no one has seen the video “Charlie bit my finger” and you will begin to feel the pain of an existence without You Tube. Sadly, a life with no cats wearing bread, sneezing baby pandas, or … Continue reading

13th June 2014

Whether you are embarking on a degree, recently graduated or considering a career change, working in the film and TV industry is a competitive place. Knowledge alone won’t get you where you want to be so getting the chance to … Continue reading

Red Epic
9th June 2014

Are you regularly updating the world on Twitter and Facebook? Well of course you are. We all know what you had for lunch and it sounded just delightful. But seriously, creating an online presence for your business is a tough … Continue reading

23rd May 2014

Production Attic are proud to say that production is fully underway on a couple of awesome films, written by students of Aultmore Park Primary School in Easterhouse, which will be screened at their local VUE cinema in The Fort Shopping … Continue reading

28th April 2014

On Sunday the 27th we celebrated our third birthday. We want to say thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate, and for your support over the last three years. This past year has been our busiest yet, and we’ve … Continue reading

23rd April 2014

Recently Production Attic filmed a Scottish Independence Referendum Debate being held by the Glasgow Skeptics over at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. They posed the question “Should Scotland Be An Independent Country?”. It was a great night with lots of … Continue reading

20th March 2014

Production Attic are looking to bring a new member of staff into our company! We’re looking for recent graduates with experience in film and video production. Full details below. Job Title: Self Shooting Video Producer Company Name: Production Attic Ltd … Continue reading

5th March 2014

Production Attic has teamed up with James Cheyne, former Sky News Producer and Channel 7 Australia Producer, to provide media training courses in Scotland. Dealing with the media can involve great risk but offer even greater reward. Right now this … Continue reading

27th January 2014

Our friends over at somehwhereto_re:store are launching, encouraging 16-25 year olds to get involved in creative projects. It’s a great program, with funding from the Big Lottery, so we’re giving them a wee push on our site for anyone who … Continue reading

2nd December 2013

A week or so ago we ordered a Letus AnamorphX 1.33x anamorphic adapter. It arrived with five hours to spare before the Glasgow 48 hour film project. Phew! That was a nail biter. First off I wanted to show the … Continue reading

2nd December 2013

Considering that 82% of professional marketers say that video has had a very positive effect on their marketing campaigns and strategies, why would people not want to use video to promote themselves? Part three of our blog series on video … Continue reading

29th November 2013

This year we entered into the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project, a mad 48 hour sprint to write, shoot and edit a short film. The 48 Hour Film Project is one of the largest timed filmmaking projects in the world, … Continue reading

15th November 2013

In part two of our blog series on video marketing trends in 2013 we will be looking at who is using video marketing, and why. The information contained in in this post is taken from a survey performed on over … Continue reading

14th November 2013

Very recently the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media have released a report on developing trends in the world of online video marketing and business video. They have very kindly allowed us to publish some of their results, so … Continue reading

30th September 2013

We’ve been talking to our clients and been hearing good things about the work that we have been doing. So, to bring that message to you, we’ve been recording video testimonials with the people we’ve been working with. Here is … Continue reading

24th September 2013

If you’ve been following us on social media, you are probably aware of the work we’ve being doing for the Equality Network. The It’s Time video campaign that we created for them has been a huge success so far with … Continue reading

7th July 2013

We want to put out a good word today for a friend, James Malcolm, and his wedding video production company Willowbank Films. Willowbank Films Showreel James is a collaborator on many of our creative projects. Most recently the writer of … Continue reading

24th June 2013

Production Attic are proud to have worked with the Equality Network over the last year to see their video campaign from concept to final product. You can see the main video that we created below, which pulls together all the … Continue reading

7th May 2013

We celebrated our 2nd birthday recently. The 27th of April marked the beginning of our third year as an incorporated company and, as is generally the case around such occasions, I found myself looking back over the past two years … Continue reading

6th May 2013

About a month ago now, the Production Attic team headed down to the village of Warenford to shoot our latest short film, Black Magic for Young Lover. This short film is of special note, as it is the first piece … Continue reading

18th March 2013

Today we received a Seagate Goflex Thunderbolt adapter. Seagate Thunderbolt Sata Adapter This allows us to slap an SSD from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera straight into our iMac. Which is a lot quicker than what we had previously been doing, … Continue reading

13th March 2013

Wow. This camera is an absolute joy to use. It’s essentially a lens, sensor and solid state drive. No frills, nothing fancy, just a solid 1.6kg block of metal which records exactly what’s in front of it. Perfect. After filming … Continue reading

10th March 2013

Tomorrow is the day I have waited eight months for. On Monday we are expecting the delivery of our very own Blackmagic Cinema Camera. I have a new understanding of the expression “early adopter”. Committing to a purchase two months … Continue reading

10th January 2013

So maybe you have used video in the past to promote your business and nothing changed. No increase in sales. No increased user engagement. Nothing. Does this mean that video is not a viable online marketing tool? Not at all. … Continue reading

21st December 2012

We know it’s often hard for people looking for video production to determine how much it will cost. We are also filmmakers, not salespeople, so we don’t want to make anyone pay for more than they need. We want our … Continue reading

13th December 2012

Field Induced Polymer Electro-Luminenscence or FIPEL technology, is something film makers and video production crew could be using within the next year to create better looking images more safely and efficiently. It’s been around for a decade or so, but … Continue reading

21st November 2012

In celebration of the upcoming new year we wanted to give small business the opportunity to get a business overview video for use online at a reduced cost. That is why we have launched our Winter Promotion! The promotion will … Continue reading

7th November 2012

So you’re thinking about having a video produced to promote your business, but you aren’t completely convinced yet. Production Attic understand why video is such a great tool for business, so let me break down five reasons why a video … Continue reading

15th October 2012

Edit: Since this blog post went live we recieved the Audience Award for 30 Seconds Apart at this year’s 48 Hour Film Project awards night. We’re all very pleased with the result. Last weekend Production Attic wrote, shot and edited … Continue reading

10th October 2012

The first time I ever saw a Chinaball on a set was whilst watching the extra features on the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull DVD. I’ve found that exact moment on youtube, here it is: behind the scenes It’s … Continue reading

1st October 2012

I recently gave an interview to Folio 14 about the early days of Production Attic, as we grew from a group of graduates into the video production company you see before you today. In this post I talk about some … Continue reading

1st September 2012

Image to left uses footage from the brilliant John Brawley. The other day I succeeded in constructing my first ever DCP. It was a moment of great joy – the realisation of a dream – and I owe it all … Continue reading

29th August 2012

The following guest post was written by James Malcolm who we worked with on his short film Burned. Stanley Kubrick once said that “directing a film is like trying to write War and Peace in a bumper car in an … Continue reading

27th August 2012

So the main problem is that the big movie cats often use giant lighting fixtures with 18,000 Watts of power driving them, blasted through giant diffusion silks. Us film kittens can’t do that because it would cost more monies than … Continue reading

20th August 2012

Although it’s been awhile since we completed our video for the upcoming Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland, I thought it would be a good time write up a blog post about it as we’ve re-released the video with a slightly … Continue reading

15th August 2012

Doing new things on screen is fun. I remember the feeling of putting two shots side by side for the first time (just by stopping and starting the camera). I also remember how great it was to actually edit two … Continue reading

8th August 2012

With Murdo Mitchell’s music video for In Regret out of the way we started on Nav Sidhu’s video for his track Love Story. Nav’s video was fairly different to Murdo’s. Another language for a start and there was more of … Continue reading

7th August 2012

We have just had a week busy of music video production here in Glasgow. First we shot a single camera video for Murdo Mitchell, of Advertise Here and Soba Ninja fame, for his track, In Regret. Then another for Nav … Continue reading

29th July 2012

Hello World! Stay tuned for some insight into the wonderful world of Production Attic. Here marks the first post. While I’m at it, here’s our YouTube channel and our Vimeo channel if you’re looking for example material.